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Scott Marlowe

Scott Marlowe’s arrival into the world on June 1, 1970 in Corpus Christi, Texas ended the Marlowe tradition of being born in New York City when, a year or so earlier, his parents moved the family to the Lone Star State. While ‘first generation Texan’ was a distinction Scott likely would have embraced as he grew into adulthood, he instead found himself moving over the next six years from Texas to Florida to Connecticut to California. He remained within the San Francisco area for some twenty odd years before one final move in 1997, of his own volition this time, brought him back to Texas for good.

Scott graduated from the University of California at Davis in 1994 with a degree in Computer Science Engineering and, in order to satisfy his need for all things literary, minors in English and Comparative Literature. He was also close to attaining a degree in English, but ultimately decided another year of schooling was not conducive to his sanity. A formative conversation with an English professor at the time helped Scott make this decision as it yielded an observation he remembers to this day: One does not need an English degree in order to write.

While fully investing himself in a career as a software engineer from the mid-90’s onward, Scott also founded Pegasus Online, an f/sf ezine at the forefront of the revolutionary wave of digital media, and his first professional writing submission, Of Rangers, Witches, and Grim Foretellings (which was a terribly written story about, you guessed it, rangers and witches), was published in the small press f/sf magazine, Realms. Scott continued to explore the short form before writing his first novel, The Hall of the Wood. It wasn’t long after that when Scott’s dual interests in technology and fantasy began to come together in his writing. Neither true fantasy nor science fiction, with plenty of steampunk-like elements throughout, no better description fits the content of these stories than steamfantasy. You can experience this blending of infernal machines, sorcery, and adventure in his ongoing Alchemancer and Assassin Without a Name series.

When he’s not writing, Scott enjoys hitting the trails on his mountain bike or working outside around the house. He loves dogs, dark beer, and strong coffee.

Scott lives in Texas with his wife and two crazy dogs.

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