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Marcin Wrona

I was hooked on phonics even before I caught a glance of the other end of the Berlin Wall.

When my father read to me, I pointed at this combination of letters and that and asked what sound it made, in the hope that I might eliminate the middle-man and read at my own monomaniacal toddler pace.

When my mother took me with her to the store, I would stand ramrod straight, puffed up with all the gravitas of a three-year-old who has something important to say, and would recite to all and sundry the poems that I, armed with my new knowledge of ‘rz’s and ‘ci’s, had learned.

I devoted myself to words and their placement in sequence well before I knew that I’d done so, and though there have been times when this love has waned and times when it has waxed, it has never faded away.

Thank you for allowing me to share it.

Marcin Wrona is a Polish-born Canadian author, a multiple immigrant, a mustachio-twirling financier, and many other things besides. He lives and works in Toronto.

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