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Jeff Suwak

Jeff never really thought he had a choice to be anything in life other than a writer. For him, that meant hitchhiking around the country, competing in full contact kickboxing, hiking the Appalachian Trail, becoming an Army Ranger, and about a dozen other strange adventures. His favorite writers were people like Jack London, Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, and Cormac McCarthy. They were men who made their lives their art, and he wanted to be the exact same kind of writer.

He’s been a dishwasher, a cook, a porter, a technical editor, an Airborne Ranger, a recycling technician, a construction laborer, a flooring installer, a freelance writer and editor, and a cross-country furniture mover. Through it all, he wrote.

Today, he writes and edits in the Pacific Northwest. It’s his favorite place in the world and he feels blessed to live there.

He writes fiction in nearly every genre, but seems to have found his niche in fantasy.

Jeff wants to ensure fans that the picture above is, indeed, of him. No models were hired. He really is that devastatingly handsome. He’s also quick witted and charming. His feet, however, are covered in soft tufts of hobbit-like hair, which some people find repulsive.

A bit of trivia about Jeff: he has two cowlicks on the back of his head that grow out like pompoms if he doesn’t get a regular haircut. If he goes a very long time without seeing the barber, his hair naturally grows into a style reminiscent of Marvel’s Wolverine’s, and that’s no joke.

In his free time he enjoys hiking, running, reading, researching random things, and writing his autobiography in third person.

Jeff is very fond of being berated on Twitter:

He would like to sincerely thank all who take the time to read his work. It’s an honor that still amazes him every day.

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