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Charlotte E. English

I was born in Lincoln, an ancient city in (just about) the north of England. I lived for many years among the numerous historic buildings and Roman remains of Lindum Colonia, as it was once known. I’ve also lived out in the East Anglian countryside in farmhouses that crumbled a little more by the hour, and gave off the impression of being soundly haunted.

I’ve loved reading since I was a young child. In fact, it’s fair to say that I spent most of my teenage years living in books. When a person spends that much time dreaming in text, taking up writing is the only logical onward step. I like to write fantasy fiction the most, because it gives me all the scope I could wish for to exercise my powerful (and overindulged) imagination. I also love historical fiction – I can probably thank those years in Lincoln for that.

I live in North Holland these days, among the windmills and the cheese farms and the clear waterways. For the past couple of years I’ve dedicated most of my time to writing professionally, and I have a growing list of published titles as a result. Please check out my books page for more details.

On this blog I write about books quite a lot. I also write periodically about my other hobbies, which include baking and cooking, sewing, walking, text-based games and playing with my two crazy cats.

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