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About My Reviews


Because I’ve been doing a lot of reviews, I thought it was about time to throw up a disclaimer or two.

First, these reviews are solely based on my personal preference as a reader. They are merely the opinion of one person.

Second, I always try to be honest. If I love a book, I’ll say it. If I didn’t, I’ll explain why.

5* I’M OBSESSED = this means it’s in my favorites of all time, it blew me away, I’ll read it over and over and cherish it forever. I will rave about it to everyone who will listen. I will never stop talking about it, and I will recommend it to everyone. *Not many books will get this rating

4* I LOVED IT = this means that one day I’ll buy the sequel, I was absorbed in the story, and I’d recommend this to all my friends and family. Also, any book that has a fascinating character can work its way into this rating, regardless of abundant negatives, and depending on just how involved I am with the character and the writing.

3* I LIKED IT = this means that I might buy the sequel at some point, it was an enjoyable experience, I was absorbed in the story most of the time, and I’d recommend this to friends and family I think would enjoy it.

2* I’M INDIFFERENT = this means there was good and bad, it elicited little to no emotions from me, I likely won’t buy the sequel, my mind drifted a few times, I might’ve skimmed a few areas, some of it might have been outside my personal taste, but it had redeeming qualities.

1* NOT FOR ME = could be for several reasons which would all be outlined in my review, but more often than not, every single thing about it fell outside what I enjoy in a story. I will also only post these reviews at the behest of authors. If I don’t finish a book, I don’t write a review simply because it could have turned around mid way and would’ve changed my mind. So I’d be surprised if you ever saw a review on my website with this rating.

For authors looking for reviews, feel free to send me a request. I do post reviews on my website, Goodreads, and Amazon, at the very least (my website feeds to Twitter and Facebook). Generally, I will also post to Pinterest and Tumblr. If you want to ask me to review your book, please send me a note using the Contact Me page. If I think I might enjoy your story, I’ll buy it myself and post a review. However, before you submit, I highly recommend you read a few of my reviews as I’m a very picky reader. A couple things to keep in mind about me:
– I’m a character driven reader
– I like a character who has to overcome something tragic
– I like banter between the characters, whether it be enemies or friends
– I like a sense of camaraderie between at least two characters
– I love magic and mages
– I love books involving animals
– I love gore
– I love dark fantasy as well as high
– It’s damn hard to offend me
– 99% of the time, I hate love triangles and will bypass the book
– 99% of the time, I do not enjoy young adult novels and will bypass the book

If you think you can nail these, send me a link to where you’d like me to purchase your book. I won’t read everything submitted, but I’ll pick up anything that strikes my interest.

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