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Life…It happens.


I don’t even know anymore. I find myself just staring out a window or standing in the shower drifting from thought to thought. What consumes my mind these days? Couldn’t even begin to tell you. What I have realized is that over this past year I hit a huge reading slump and I’ve not written a single word. For a person who loves reading and writing, it’s been difficult. More so, it’s been utterly depressing.

I’ve taken a lot of time to wallow in some self-pity. The reason being is that I sent off a manuscript to a ton of agents and only got 4 who showed interest, two of which turned me down and the other two never responded. I will assume it’s me, not them (they didn’t like the book). I know rejection is part of the game, and there’s A LOT of rejection in writing. I thought I could handle it, but my already barely existent confidence pretty much fled. I’ve since reconciled these rejections, and I’ve come to be proud that any of the agents were interested at all. I intend to keep working, but I don’t see myself publishing a book for at least a few years. I have a lot I need to work on and learn in regards to my writing, and I can honestly say I’m excited about it.

I am, however, finding joy in reading again. Just like my first reading slump, Anthony Ryan has miraculously, once again, pulled me out of said slump and has reminded me of the escape reading offers. I’ve missed it, and even more exciting, I’ve found some used bookstores around me and have relished the absolute warm and fuzzy feelings a paperback book offers (I normally read on my iPad). I need to settle on a new ebook reader that can save my eyes so I can discover indie books that are near impossible to find in bookstores. The future is looking adventurous with many new (and maybe some familiar) worlds to explore and characters to fall in love with.

So, hopefully, this site will become active once again with some reviews of awesome books you can read until I publish again. To tide you over until my next post, here are some pictures of my puppies, because dogs make everything better. I hope this post finds you all well and safe.

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