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I’m Alive? Yeah, I guess I am

Needless to say (based on my lack of activity), I’ve been busy. Sorta.

For those who have never moved to a new state, whatever time you think you need to acclimate yourself, double it. To those moving to a new state and buying an older home, *clears throat*, good luck. Now, as dramatic as that might sound, I wouldn’t change a single thing about the last year of my life. Well, maybe the rats. Definitely the rats.

All that said, the house is pest free, livable, the backyard fenced in for my dogs’ safety (and my sanity), and I’ve finally gotten used to fresh air and trees and things that live. In case any forgot my last post, I moved from a major city in the desert of Arizona to a small town along the west coast of Washington State. It’s different, to put it mildly. People smile up here, like they’re happy or something else sinister, and they make eye contact while they smile. For the first few months, I found myself biting back the words “I’m not interested” or “Please don’t murder me”. I jest, I jest. The people here are happy and friendly in comparison to most Arizonians. I think it has to do with being in a big city versus a small town.

However, it’s the trees and ocean and mountains that make me beyond elated and finally at peace. It’s stunning here. Absolutely stunning.

Took that beauty on a little walk through one of the parks near us. My dogs are loving their huge yard with all the grass and places to dig. My little girl digs out the mole tunnels when they make the mistake of coming in our yard.

That gorgeous girl is Nali, our epileptic dog that, for some reason, doesn’t want to be healthy. It’s been one challenge after another with her this past year.

Adok, our other puppy, lies around like a lazy 80 year old dog. He can’t even be bothered to stand while watching the front yard activity.

Now that life is finally adjusting, I’m back to writing and reading. I never knew I could miss it so much, and I definitely forgot how challenging it can be at times, especially when I have so much beauty around me. I find myself daydreaming while I stare at the trees, or I jump up when the bald eagles fly about. So I’m not going as fast as I’d like, but it’s coming along.

I do have my standalone book into an editor at the moment. I have no release date yet, but I hope it’ll be in time to submit it for the SPFBO Mark Lawrence coordinates around August. Matter of fact, I hope it’s way earlier than that. We’ll see, though.

This blog will be more active, but it’ll be slower than it was say two years ago. I’m focused on writing and exploring our new state, which is quite distracting come spring. However, right now when it’s cold, it’s easy to snuggle in a blanket by a warm fire and write the hours away. I’ll be posting a few book reviews, but not the 3 to 4 I used to do a month. And the books I do review will only be the good ones. I’m busy enough that if the book isn’t catching my interest, I’m moving on.

I’m really happy to get back in the swing of things, and though this blog might be slow, I have a goal to be more active on Twitter. We’ll see how successful I am. Social media has never been my forte.

I wish I had some pics of our old man. I’m behind on uploading them :( So I only have our puppies

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