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April: Friend or Foe?

April and I have always had a love hate relationship. There’s tons going on. I get to buy people stuff. I get to explore new recipes. I eat too much. I get behind on my work. I hardly read. I’m forced to socialize, which is always painful for me. I have absolutely no drive to accomplish anything. The reason is birthdays. It feels like a million dinners and a million cakes. I’m being dramatic, but that’s what April brings out in me.

So that is why I’ve only posted one review in nearly two months. If you’re wondering why my laziness continued into May, I can assure you it only infected the first part of the month. Because I had planned on having book 4 in my Keepers of Arden series done in April, I cut myself off from reading and instead focused solely on writing. It paid off. I finished book 4.

Normally I would be ecstatic, but I have mixed feelings. This will be the last book I write of the Brothers. I could always visit Arden in the future if I so chose, but new characters will take center stage if I do. It’s hard to be done with a series, especially since this is my first. That aside, I have heavy editing to do. Lots and lots of editing before I can even think of sending it off to a professional editor. Thankfully my edits tend to move fast, so I’ve given myself a three month deadline. Then I’ll have to reread the entire series and make sure it all clicks and I closed all the storylines I wanted to. One final pass through and then I can send it off. The way it’s looking, December publication seems on track. I do hope to move this up, but I’m not kidding myself.

So there are my excuses. I’d say I’m excited to get back into my routine, but I already see me spending more time editing and less time reading, which means this blog will be a little sporadic. Shame because I have some great books lined up for the year. I guess I’ll squeeze them all in while I’m waiting for book 4 to come back from the editor. We’ll see. In the meantime, here’s a new picture of my puppies.


2 thoughts on “April: Friend or Foe?

    • booksbylkevans says:

      Thank you! They are a handful, but wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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