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Review of Sanguinem Isle by Mark Stone

Review of Sanguinem Isle by Mark StoneSanguinem Isle by Mark Stone
on September 21st, 2015
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 264


Caderyn Fortis has been many things—loyal husband, soldier, war veteran, public servant. Now he is a fallen nobilis and gambling addict, an alcoholic who never got over the murder of his wife. He has descended to his darkest place when an opportunity comes that can help him recover his self-worth and make up for the mistakes that cost him his wife. All he has to do is discover who kidnapped a young woman and where they took her, then rescue her. He must do this while not alienating his best suspect (his employer) or falling in love with the woman helping him.

To boil down the plot, it’s about an ex-soldier who is hired to find a kidnapped girl.

The world isn’t anything new nor is it explored. You’ve got a decent enough feel for it, but those craving detailed worlds might find this lacking. For me, it did just fine. I got the system and community enough that I felt grounded.

The story read very quick. There was enough going on that I didn’t have a problem finding the curiosity to continue reading or picking it up again. That’s always a bonus. I wouldn’t say it had a lot of action, but the story moved.

The characters aside from Caderyn felt very common to me. Meaning, I’ve read them before in different books. Very standard. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It allowed the in depth character of Caderyn to really shine. He went through some rough times in his soldiering days and it actually affected him in many ways. He took to drink, and he battles it throughout the book. I really liked that part. He was a flawed character that struggled with his demons. Very well done.

The girl Caderyn sets out to save is Indrasena, and we get a few sections in her PoV. I found her engaging enough, and her abilities that reveal themselves are also interesting. I didn’t find her as fleshed out as Caderyn, but compared to the others, I’d say she’s the second most explored.

It’s a short book, so as I said it reads fast. There’s sex and foul language, both of which I had no problems with, but thought I’d mention them. I hate to see a book get bad reviews because some don’t like to read of such things. The writing was smooth, for me.

So overall, I’d recommend this for a fast and entertaining read. I’ll continue the series if I can ever break the surface of my to-read list.

About Mark Stone

Mark Stone splits his time between the United States and Spain with his greatest inspiration, his wife Cinta – an author, editor, and Spanish-English translator. Having written award-winning Flash Fiction, he is now a novelist writing tales mostly of Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery, but ventures into other areas; namely, Western Horror and Historical Fiction, the last in the near future. Most of his stories are based in Calasade, a fantasy world heavily influenced by Ancient Rome and the Medieval period.

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