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Review of Walls of Sakaret by Gerone Blomgren

Review of Walls of Sakaret by Gerone BlomgrenWalls of Sakaret by Gerone Blomgren
Series: Legacy of Sakaret #1
on August 5th, 2014
Genres: Epic, Fantasy
Pages: 247


A psychotic demigod, having held a grudge for more than two thousand years, has come out of exile to set in motion a complex game with one singular ambition: burn the world.

Alsed led a sheltered life completely isolated behind the walls of Sakaret, like countless generations before him, when a mysterious woman appears from a world long thought dead. The manipulations of an unseen hand force him into a desperate fight for survival against man and monster alike. Ancient myth comes roaring to life as he is thrust from the safety of his homeland into a world, bathed in blood and rich with a history of war and betrayal, teetering on the brink of destruction.

To save an entire race of people and the woman he loves from a divine warrior queen that has lost her mind, Alsed will have to travel across an unfamiliar world facing threats he could not have imagined in his most twisted nightmares. The problem? No one has left the walls of Sakaret for more than two thousand years. Ill equipped, outmatched, and assaulted at every turn, Alsed and his friends must discover the means to oppose a force that has been plotting bloody vengeance for millennia

I must confess, when I first started reading this book I was a tad bit bored. It took about a quarter of the way into it before I found myself wanting to pick it up. At about 60 percent in, I was engrossed. It’s a story about a man, Alsed, who has lived in a walled-in city all his life. The place he lives in is cut off from the rest of the world, literally walled up from it. What was interesting was the fact that the people in the city had no idea what was going on outside. That is, until one day when Alsed rescues a woman. I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say that Alsed and the woman go outside the walls with a group of volunteers and go off to help the said woman’s country. Once outside, Alsed and his friends must learn about the world rather quickly. That interaction was my favorite part. However . . .

Boy was it heavy in history. Some of it was worked in nicely, using dialog and a setting to teach us. Others, it just felt so long to me. Keep in mind, I tend to glaze over when it comes to backstory and history lessons about the world. I would prefer to receive the info in quick interactions or maybe some spruced up dialog. This felt just a bit hand fed. Since this happened a lot in the beginning, I think that’s why it took me so long to get into it.

Some of the lore and creatures were quite interesting and fun to read about. What/who the group encountered on their little adventure was also entertaining. It had a questy type feel about it once they left the walled city of Sakaret, which I found very fun to read. The action picked up, it had a bit of gore, some good fight scenes, and some great character interactions.

Speaking of characters, I sadly never connected with one in particular. They were fun to read about, I didn’t hate any of them, and I loved the fact that we stayed with the group instead of moving around between a thousand different story lines. It was refreshing. It had a few PoV’s, but like I said, the group stayed together so I enjoyed the fresh perspective. Unfortunately, there were a few sections of head hopping that threw me. Especially since it seemed the author was breaking the sections out by PoV.

As far as the writing goes, for the most part I found it extremely enjoyable. It did tend to be a bit lengthy in the beginning, but it evened out, and by half way I wasn’t skimming any descriptions, some of which were amazing. Unfortunately, I found quite a few editing errors in my version. None of it turned me off from the book, but if that sort of thing drives you crazy, you might want to wait for a second edition.

Overall, an entertaining read.

About Gerone Blomgren

I have been trying to conquer the world since August of 1974. A bit lofty, perhaps; however, I am optimistic that the endeavor to overachieve might at least render results that are moderately beneficial, namely: get through today with a modicum of self-control. I figure if I get out of this with having conquered no more than myself, I’m well ahead.

In the meantime, I am continually met with blessings beyond what I deserve. I have a beautiful wife and three amazing children. I realize this is cliché. I’ve not yet read anyone’s statement regarding his troll of a wife and hateful, evil spawn. Still, in my case, you’ll just have to take my word for it. I’ve done everything in my power to lose their love and respect and they still give it freely, without condition. It is truly humbling.

As an artist and author, I’m supposed to explain how my abusive parents and harsh childhood environment shaped me into a tortured, sensitive individual with endless layers of complexity, all of which inform my work. My sincerest apologies for the disappointment, but my parents did great with what they had to work with. We weren’t wealthy and nothing came easy, but then pencils and paper made far better playthings than more substantial resources might have afforded. I learned early on that a little vision, a little creativity could fashion entire worlds and millennia of history outside of the known universe. I am ever grateful to my parents and grandparents for fostering this imaginative bent in me, and to my wife and kids for encouraging me to continue.

The only downside to being more imaginative than focused is a propensity for spreading one’s interests too widely. I spent fifteen years working toward an undergraduate degree, mostly full-time throughout. Ok, that’s not entirely accurate. I spent fifteen years as an undergraduate student, working toward numerous majors, each more distracting than the last. I’ve majored in music composition and performance, psychology, physics, studio art, and information systems. Eventually, I did graduate and even spent another couple of years earning a master’s degree as well, though I believe this was simply academic momentum at work.

I still dabble in all these areas and each has generated in me a love for the art of communication. Whether by means of the written word, a compelling drawing, or a dramatic passage of music, we are made for interacting with one another. My ambition (short of world domination) is to offer my most imaginative thoughts and feelings in a way that is worthy of your time and attention.

-G Blomgren

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