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Review of The Great Bear by Jason K. Lewis

Review of The Great Bear by Jason K. LewisThe Great Bear by Jason K. Lewis
Series: The Adarna Chronicles #3
on October 31st, 2014
Genres: Fantasy


Sometimes the hunter becomes the prey. Sometimes a man must bend the rules in order to survive. A great evil grows in the south, but who will rise to face the threat?

‘The Great Bear’ concludes the first volume of the epic ‘Adarna chronicles’, an action packed fantasy set in a world of epic grandeur and political intrigue. It follows the fate of the Empire through the eyes of those who could ultimately save it, or doom it to destruction.

These short books are really engaging. While the last one was probably my favorite, this one still was immensely entertaining.

Unlike the last two where snippets of history and backstory are peeked at, this one felt much more informative. For me—and remember I easily get bored with backstory and world history—this teetered very close to a bit too much information for such a short story. What absolutely saved it were the characters. I really really love Martius. He’s my favorite character in the whole series. I will say that I find all the characters fun and interesting, but Martius has the most alluring personality, in my opinion. He’s got some great depth, and I’m impressed how Lewis can pull me in so quickly to Martius’s character. There was a lot of shifting between characters and learning how each perceives the others, and I found it really enjoyable. It adds that depth I mentioned.

Where the last book seemed to move fast and had a nice dose of action, this one felt slow and had quite a bit more dialog. I still enjoyed it, but missed all the fun action of the last book. However, the end was insanely fun with a whirlwind of action. Loved it!

We did get to meet some new characters and delved a little deeper into some old ones. Those parts really carried me through. Martius continues to grow and we see both his strengths and weaknesses in this book. I thought Lewis did an exceptional job showing his internal struggle, as well as those around him in which his decisions impacted.

The world is still fun, and lore of gods and faith is coming more and more to the forefront. Again, it’s the characters that make this world come alive, in my opinion, so those times when we learn a bit of history is smoothed by the interactions of the characters. I also enjoyed Wulf’s outlook. Since he’s the captured enemy, he provides all manner of insights into the world and war. It was a great way to help us understand both sides.

As with the last two, I enjoyed Lewis’s voice, and his writing was easy to get lost in and lose the world around you.

Overall, I’m anxiously waiting for the next one. These are great reads to slip away in for an hour or so. All are short and vastly entertaining. I recommend them to everyone.

About Jason K. Lewis

Jason K. Lewis lives in Britain with his wife and young son. He spent his childhood glued to books by authors such as David Gemmell, Stephen Donaldson, Julian May, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, C.S. Lewis, George R.R. Martin and J.R.R.Tolkien. He is the author of several novels and short stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres, including the science fiction Novelette ‘Paradise’ and the fantasy ‘Empire under siege’ which is the first book in the epic ‘Adarna chronicles’.

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