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Review of Blue Dawn by Timothy C. Ward

Review of Blue Dawn by Timothy C. WardBlue Dawn by Timothy Ward
Series: Scavenger #2
on 2014-10-01
Genres: Sci-Fi
Pages: 88


Part Two of the new epic set in Hugh Howey’s world of SAND. Written and sold with his permission, Scavenger can be read without having read SAND.

Called Mad Max 2 with more sand, the journey of Divemaster Rush across the sands of this post-apocalyptic America continues. The narrow escape out of Springston toward the fabled under-sand city of Danvar will risk many lives as the technologies of the past and the tyrants of the present collide in a race across the American Desert and into an abandoned military base.

Okay, so my issues with this book directly relates to my weak connection with sci-fi. For some reason, my puny brain just can’t get a solid picture so it makes me feel as if I’m floating in the story, catching glimpses here and there, but never truly grounded.

Now, keep in mind that I haven’t read Sand, so someone who has might not have issues at all. For me, it took until the end of the book before I got the vaguest idea what the suit does for divers. I’m still shaky on it, but at least there was enough usage of it that ideas began to form. As for the city they start out in? Sadly, I have nothing. I’m drawing a complete blank. I’m not blaming Ward in the least; this is a personal issue. But if you’re like me and struggle to dream up pictures, you might find yourself at a bit loss.

So with my feet not firmly planted, I had to struggle through about 60% of the book. Towards the end, I don’t know if I just had an easier go at it or if I’d released my need for more setting, but I enjoyed it much more than the first part. The action was more grounded, intense, and the stakes ever growing.

I still find Rush to be an interesting character. He’s got some good layers. I liked him a bit more in the first book, but that’s just my personal taste when it comes to brooding characters. We meet some more of his friends in this book and the cast expands. No one stood out as someone I loved or hated. They moved the story along and provided a nice bit of banter that I enjoyed.

There was some good action in this book, but some of it I didn’t get (only because of my lacking imagination) while others seemed rushed. I would have liked them a bit slower so I could ground myself in the moment. It all ended too quick. I wanted more. I know for a fact my lack of setting ruined a few that would have been great had my imagination been working.

The story is very interesting and at the end of this book I’m definitely left curious as to what happens next. It all ties in with the first while opening up the floodgates with tons more story questions. I have no doubt that readers who enjoyed Sand will be entrenched in this world and understand just a hair more than those of us who haven’t read it.

So overall, I’m still going to continue on with the series. I’m engaged enough to wonder what happens, and I’m looking forward to Rush turning into a complete badass.

P.S. Love the book covers for this series.

About Timothy Ward

On top of being an aspiring author, I’m a producer for Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast and review site and a book reviewer at SF Signal.

I just released my SAND fanfic novelette(with Hugh Howey’s permission). Scavenger is available on Kindle.

My most polished novel, Order After Dark, is a post apocalyptic fantasy set in the rift between Iowa and the Abyss. I’m currently looking for beta readers. Another novel, which needs some work post edit is Kaimerus, described as, “Firefly crashes on Avatar and wakes up 28 Days Later.”

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