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Review of Blood and Soul by Allen G. Bagby

Review of Blood and Soul by Allen G. BagbyBlood and Soul by Allen G. Bagby
Series: Creed of Kings Saga #1
on 2014-06-26
Genres: Epic, Fantasy
Pages: 432


The bastard prince Ledarrin is caught in the shadows of a dynasty as his brother goes on a murderous rampage to secure his birthright, overthrowing the realm. Ledarrin’s world is shattered. As he goes from the palace to the dungeon, hope for the survival of the realm seems lost. He escapes, only to be hunted by a legendary assassin. Meanwhile, demonic hordes, trapped for ages by a curse in the Underworld, await their release upon the sacrifice of the king—with plans for revenge on humanity. And so begins a heart-pounding adventure into a deadly future: a journey of loss, seduction, and betrayal. Ledarrin is joined by aging warriors and unlikely allies as they race to find the Creed of Kings, the ancient scrolls that can thwart the demons, but when Ledarrin’s true identity is revealed, he must choose between a destiny of blood—or soul.

This is an odd one for me. There’s nothing I loved and there was nothing I hated. It was just a read. I have no passion either way… matter of fact, I have no passion at all. I have hardly anything to say. I guess I was just indifferent.

It seemed to take me forever to read this book. Every time I checked my progress, I was surprised I wasn’t further along. I guess that says a bit. I wasn’t so engaged with the story that I was oblivious to the fact I was reading. The characters were interesting and the story good, but nothing unique. There were some typos I noticed, and a few times where we ran into a reuse of words within a couple sentences. It also felt a little abrupt at times. Time seemed to jump oddly, or perhaps I just never felt grounded enough to keep track.

Wow… thinking back, I really can’t think of what else to say. There were no crazy creatures that I was interested in, no characters that I can rave or rant about, no fantastical places they visited, and everything felt very ordinary. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes writing a review a little difficult. Nothing stood out.

I can’t think of anything helpful. Damn, this is really a bad review. All I can say is that if the story sounds interesting to you, check out a sample. If you’re into it, you’ll probably really enjoy this book.

About Allen G. Bagby

I believe if writing a good book is like catching a fly with chopsticks, writing a great book is like catching a gnat with pool cues. I leave it to the readers to decide about Blood & Soul.

I have no wife or dog, but I have cookies and I’m housebroken. I scribble by ear so don’t tell me my participle is dangling unless you want me to split your infinitive. I write heroic fantasy fiction. I build stories listening to the likes of Two Steps From Hell. I enjoy gritty fantasy and historical fiction without the gunpowder. I’m solidly an ambivert. I think that means I can live on the land or in water.

2 thoughts on “Review of Blood and Soul by Allen G. Bagby

  1. Allen G. Bagby says:

    Thanks for the review. LOL. I think. I don’t really know what to say. Kind of like you, I really have nothing to rave or rant about in what you said. But, I’m glad you liked it. And I’m very glad you shared your thoughts. Take care. Have a nice day! ;-)

    • booksbylkevans says:

      My pleasure, Allen. Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for sharing your work!


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