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Review of Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

Review of Fool Moon by Jim ButcherFool Moon by Jim Butcher
on 2001-01-01
Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 432

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Could a werewolf be loose in Chicago? Common sense says no. The grisly evidence says yes. So does Harry Dresden. And with his weird connections, he should know.

All right, I’m going to be honest. I thought I would be enjoying the Dresden Files for some time. I never expected to love them. After all, the setting isn’t traditional fantasy, and after the last, I wasn’t left dying to read more. I enjoyed Storm Front, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t stay up thinking about it. Well, those days are over! This book was friggin incredibly fun!

First, this one moved way way faster than the last. Action started pretty quick and it just continued its momentum! One thing right after the other! Loved it! I had a hard time putting this down. I couldn’t wait to see where things were going.

Second, I was giddy with excitement over all the gore! Gore gore gore gore! Shredded corpses, spilt entrails, torn out throats. I mean, come on! What’s not to love? Seriously!

Thirdly, I saw a whole new side to Harry Dresden. He’s got a vulnerability in this book that was only skimmed over in the last. With it called out, I was pulled completely into the story. There is a scene where Carmichael is escorting Harry to a patrol car that just nailed it for me. There was something so human and raw in that part that made Harry endearing to me. So now I’m getting on board with Harry’s character. Knowing what to expect (a more humorous tone) changed my reading experience completely. While I haven’t gone completely character crazy yet, I can see the potential for it. Someone hep me if that comes to fruition. I’ll be staying up all night reading all fifteen books. Yet, maybe not. One thing I’ve noticed so far is that each story seems nearly self contained. Sure, there’s hints of a much larger story, but it isn’t shoved down your throat. So once your done, you feel satisfied. One of my friends doing a buddy read with me came up with the perfect analogy: It’s like a TV show. Each episode is contained, yet there is a higher plot arc throughout the seasons.

The main creature in this book is a little on the standard side. It wasn’t anything we haven’t read about a million times before. However, Butcher brings life to the story with everything else going on. It’s a mystery and you’re trying to figure out how everything ties in, so you’re not as focused on the mundane werewolves he’s fighting.

Lastly, here’s his t-shirt saying for this book (I certainly hope there’s one in every book):


Love it! Anyways, if you’re hesitant to start this series, I really recommend you give it a try (I’m talking to you, Mr. White). If you find the first book good, you’ll probably find the second one better.

About Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher read his first fantasy novel when he was seven years old–
the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. By the time he turned eight,
he’d added the rest of the Narnia books, the Prydain Chronicles, every
book about Star Wars he could find, a great many Star Trek novels and
the Lord of the Rings to his count.

So he was pretty much doomed from the start.

Love of fantasy, his personal gateway drug, drew him toward a fairly
eclectic spread of interests: horseback riding (including trick riding,
stunt riding, drill riding, and competitive stunt racing), archery,
martial arts, costuming, music and theater. He played a lot of role-
playing games, a lot of fantasy-based tactical computer games, and
eventually got into live-action roleplay where players beat each other
up with boffer weapons.

So, really, he can fly his nerd flag with pretty much anyone, and
frequently does.

He took up writing to be able to produce fantasy novels with swords and
horses in them, and determinedly wrote terrible fantasy books until,
just to prove a point to his writing teacher, he decided to take every
piece of her advice; fill out outlines and worksheets, and design
stories and characters just the way she’d been telling him to do for
about three years. He was certain that once she saw what hideous art it
produced, she would be proven wrong and repent the error of her ways.
The result was the Dresden Files, which sure showed *her*.

She has not yet admitted her mistake and recanted her philosophy on

Jim has performed in dramas, musicals, and vocal groups in front of
live audiences of thousands and on TV. He has performed exhibition
riding in multiple arenas, and fallen from running horses a truly
ridiculous number of times. He was once cursed by an Amazon witch
doctor in rural Brazil, has apparently begun writing about himself in
the third person, and is hardly ever sick at sea.

He also writes books occasionally.

Jim stands accused of writing the Dresden Files and the Codex Alera.
He’s plead insanity, but the jury is still out on that one. He lives in
Missouri with his wife, romantic suspense and paranormal romance writer
Shannon K. Butcher (who is really pretty and way out of his league),
his son, and a ferocious guard dog.

6 thoughts on “Review of Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

  1. Rabindranauth says:

    Oooh. If I weren’t firmly entrenched in China Mieville at the moment I think I’d finally make a start on these books, heh. Excellent review!

    • booksbylkevans says:

      If it helps, these are super quick reads and take no time at all. I’m going to work them in between the longer books I have lined up. One a month is my goal. Can’t wait it hear your thoughts when you decide to pick them up.

      • Rabindranauth says:

        I have the first three already, I’ve just been dragging my feet on em because urban fantasy isn’t really my thing, hah. Then there’s the part where Butcher intends to go for about 24 books. Soon, though ^__^

        • booksbylkevans says:

          Oh my! 24! I hadn’t heard that. But if he keeps improving on each one, I’m all for it :)

  2. Michelle Stanley says:

    I love a good thriller and enjoy werewolves/vampire stories. This post was great and I have made note of the book to read.

    • booksbylkevans says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! So far, it’s a series that I highly recommend.


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