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It’s Gloating Time! Comicon 2014!

Now, I usually don’t walk around giggling like a teenage girl, but I did this weekend. Friday I ventured to my very first Comicon Convention. I didn’t go for the all the superhero stuff, the actors, the artists, or the people-watching. I went for three reasons: Patrick Rothfuss, Jim Butcher, and Zachary Jernigan. Because I’m still grinning like it was yesterday, I thought I’d share my little adventure and hopefully convince myself that what happened Friday, in fact, really happened.

First off, I think most know by now that I’m a shy person. So the prospect of meeting three authors whom I greatly admire spiked my heart rate high enough I was concerned for myself. Let’s add on to that my nerves and general knowledge that I don’t do well making first impressions. I tend to laugh and smile too much and look like a deer in headlights. Stick me in front of a computer and I’m much more comfortable. Put me in front of someone I could care less about and I can manage just fine. But someone I actually admire? Forget about it. Here we go in order of appearance:

So as much as I knew what would happen, I still had hopes that I could actually pull out something coherent when I first met Patrick Rothfuss. As most know, I love The Name of the Wind so much that I refuse to pick up The Wise Man’s Fears until the final book is released. Kvothe was a character I latched on to and couldn’t bring myself further torture by reading the second book. I wouldn’t be able to recover until I knew how his story ended. Additionally, I absolutely love love love and admire Rothfuss’s writing. He got me to cry 3 times in one book. That might be a record. Anyways, the wait in line strained my nerves to nearly breaking. I told myself to be calm and eloquent, to say something profound, witty. Instead, I got up there, laughed, handed him my books, and said “hi.” Rothfuss must have experience with awkward because he said “hi” back in a very friendly tone. I really don’t remember much after that. He asked something along the lines of how I was. I responded star-struck or something close to it, laughed, and managed to say some semblance of a compliment about his writing. He looked up and smiled, thanked me, and I remember thinking he had very bright, happy eyes. I thanked him, took my books, and nearly fled. Yay me (said with all the sarcasm I can muster). So the first picture is somewhat normal, the second is my “holy crap” face and “I can’t believe this is happening” face.
Patrick 1Patrick 2






All right, now I had gotten the nerves out. It’s very disappointing when you think you can overcome something and you don’t and you can’t have a do-over. Such is life. I told myself to be more relaxed with the next author. So, I got in line for Jim Butcher.

Most who follow my blog will know that I just read his first book, Storm Front, a few weeks ago and, surprisingly, really enjoyed it (I usually keep to traditional fantasy). So I went out and immediately bought his next two books in the series so I could get them signed. Sadly, there was a two book limit, but I’m not complaining. Anyways, I’m waiting in line, telling myself to be normal. What happened? Yeah, I fumbled over my words, laughed, and looked like a total idiot. Butcher graciously smiled at me throughout my ramblings (have no idea what I said. I know I got a compliment in there somewhere).






At this point, I tried to meet Jernigan, but he wasn’t at his booth. I walked around the convention with my husband to waste some time until Jernigan showed up. In our walking, I saw a book propped up that I’d just read a review about on Drunken Dragon Reviews. It had sparked my interest in the book so I paused, trying to remember the review. McClellan was at the table and said, “I heard this is a good book.” I joked with him a moment and then went around the corner to pull up the review on my phone. The first line: “This book’s absolutely visceral; it’s just drenched in blood, gunpowder and body parts. Me gusta.” Um, hell yeah I’m going to read it. I love gore. Seriously. Love it. Sooooo, my husband, being the lovely supporter of my habit, went over to the nearest store they had set up and found the book, Promise of Blood. In the meantime, I’m looking over at another table and I recognize a book as one that I had wanted to read for some time, The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch. My husband, seeing my stare, bought that book as well. After I had the two lovely books in my hand, I went over to Lynch and he happily signed away. I didn’t have much to say and felt a little guilty for it. I haven’t read them, so I smiled and gave my thanks a few times, locking everything into memory in case I love the books. Then I can get all giddy like I did with Rothfuss, Butcher, and Jernigan. Once I got Lynch’s autograph, I went around to find McClennan and guess who’s at a table? Django Wexler. Well, his book, The Thousand Names is on my to-read list as well. So my husband went and got me that book and I had it signed. Now, I’m not in the picture with Wexler and McClellan, but I swear I met them. I must say, McClennan is a very funny guy, seemed laid-back, and was extremely approachable. The first pic is Lynch, the second is Wexler, and the third is McClellan.










After all that, I finally met Jernigan in the last 15 minutes the convention was open. Those who don’t remember, I’m part of his SSFFHWA organization. Jernigan is an author I immensely admire since he’s very outspoken about his beliefs and himself, all the flaws and admirable qualities he possesses. His imagination is insane and I can’t even begin to understand half of what he can come up with. His compilation of short stories is simply beautiful. Honestly, I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to meet him. I had kept missing him all day. But when I saw him coming to his booth, it capped off my first comicon with a wonderful chat and fulfilled my last wish of the day. Because I admire him, I wasn’t nearly as composed as I would have liked to have been. Regardless, he has a friendly way about him that set me at ease, though I think I still stumbled over my words (what ones I managed to get out).






So I’ve been floating through life with a surreal smile that often switches to screaming like a girl who just saw her favorite boy bands in one day. Seriously an amazing experience and I feel honored to have met these authors.

Just to give a few updates, my Goodreads giveaway for Keepers of Arden ended. However, I do plan on hosting one on my website here. Unfortunately, I have to upgrade this site and soon you will notice a slight appearance change. Once I get that done, I’ll do another promotion for charity that’ll run inline with my giveaway. Look for something in July, possibly August.

We just got back a week ago from a vacation to Seattle. Being from Arizona, I’m always struck by the greenness of the area. It was wonderfully relaxing and I got a bit of writing started on book 3 while I was out there. Book 2 is being read to catch any developmental issues, then I’ll make the rewrites, send it off to a copy editor, and get that monster published! I’m still hoping it will be this year. Here’s a picture from our trip when we drove to the mountains. The other one is on a ferry on the way to the other side of the Sound. Behind us is the little city I’m currently in love with, Port Townsend.





I think I’ve rambled on enough. I’ll have a review up on Thursday of an Indie read I just finished yesterday. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “It’s Gloating Time! Comicon 2014!

  1. Rabindranauth says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! Always good to know my reviews are helpful ^__^

    • booksbylkevans says:

      Yes it was extremely helpful! And I did have a blast. I might even venture to one again if they continue to book such a great set of authors.


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