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Review of Spirits of Light and Shadow by India Drummond

spiritlightshadow4 out of 5 Stars

Ugh! So first, this was a great story. I thoroughly enjoyed it and had no problem devouring it in a single morning and afternoon. The writing, for me, was clean and wonderful. There were enough story questions that I kept wondering what the heck was happening. The world was built up nicely. The entire time I read, I was in the story, not knowing I was reading. I was along for the ride and it was quite entertaining.

Now, that being said, I yet again felt a little distant from one of the main protagonist, Korbin. For me, I didn’t feel his quirks were as developed as Octavia (the second main protagonist). We were given descriptions of her walk, how her face and eyes looked to Korbin, but I didn’t feel it reciprocated when we were in Ooctavia’s PoV. I got a little, but it wasn’t done as nicely as Octavia, who, let me just say, is awesome. She was a great character to read; strong female that required no pampering, saving, or coddling. I enjoyed her immensely, though I was still lacking that psycho attachment I get. I think my favorite part was the interactions between Korbin and Octavia. Their relationship was developed brilliantly and had a very natural flow to it.

I will say I was a tad disappointed to learn who the dark conduit was in the end. Plus, the last paragraph kinda made me frown. If you read the book and then this review, you’ll understand why. Lastly, the book cover really doesn’t tie into the story at all, unless I missed something.

I honestly teetered on the 3 or 4 star cusp for quite a while. In the end, it was how engrossed I was in Drummond’s writing and story that nudged me up to 4. Never once did I set it aside to busy myself with something else because I was bored. I blew right through it one sitting. Because I enjoyed her writing so much, I think I’ll pick up her Caledonia Fae Series sometime soon.

Where to find India Drummond:
Website (little odd, but I didn’t see this book on her website yet)

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