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Review of The Betrayed by Igor Ljubuncic

thebetrayed3 out of 5 Stars

Yet another book with a good story that frustrated the heck out of me. I’m not sure what my problem is lately, but I haven’t really connected with a character since reading Michael Sullivan’s series. The Red Knight was the closest I’ve come since Royce.

There are several PoV’s in this book and none bothered me. I wasn’t invested in anyone so the changing PoV’s were actually interesting. They all connected wonderfully in the end and created an interesting storyline. I can’t fault the writing; it was done well. Nor can I say there wasn’t character development, because there certainly was.

I thought about this book (not for all the good reasons) because it really bothered me that I didn’t like it. I laid awake at night, wondering why I didn’t love it. Adam was a character that I enjoyed as well as Ewan. Even Mali had an interesting story. So why the heck didn’t I love it? Then it hit me. There was no banter, no camaraderie, no character quirks, no pages of interesting dialog. Matter of fact, the dialog was extremely light in this book. Personally, I love love love dialog. I like characters interacting a lot with one another. In The Betrayed, there were mostly internal thoughts. I think, for me, I just missed the balance. Again, the characters had interesting stories, had to deal with quite a bit, and ended in different places than when we began the story. I can’t say there wasn’t character development, but for me, it just wasn’t the type of character interaction that I enjoy.

Furthermore, I love magic and this story lacked a magic system, so that dampened its appeal to me as well. It has hints that there might be something, but I’m sure that’s reserved for future books. I’m not sure if I’ll pick up the second book. I’m mildly curious, but I think this type of story just isn’t for me. Again, it wasn’t horrible, just different from what I love.

Overall, if you are not looking for tons of magic and dialog, you’d probably enjoy this book.

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