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Review of the Apprentice by Deborah Bickmore


3 out of 5 Stars

Oh, where to begin… This books was a fast read and mildly entertaining. I’d be hard pressed not to like a book centered around magic. Mages have always been my favorite characters in books, so when I saw this inviting cover, I snagged it right up.

First, I liked the mysteriousness of Corwyn… in the beginning, that is. I liked his character. He was confident and his actions hinted towards something interesting, something more than what we were seeing through Jaimah’s eyes. I was intrigued by him, which is the only reason I kept reading.

Jaimah started off interesting. She was uncertain of who to trust, torn between the two, in the dark, and frightened. I didn’t mind her being weak, cause I held out hope that she’d end up being a strong character. However, less than half way through, I was ready for her to stop her internal, repetitive ramblings. It got on my nerves and slowed the story. It was the same feelings, the same uncertainties, rehashed over and over. I skimmed. A lot. I won’t tell you what happens to her, if she becomes all I’d hoped. I don’t want to spoil anything.

The ending (the last quarter or so), dragged for me and it was the most action packed part of the book (which is surprising since I adore action). I was ready for it end and for resolution to be found. If the entire book would have been shorter, I would have enjoyed it more. As it was, it just seemed full of awkward interactions between all three characters, and then a drawn out conclusion in the end.

Some of Bickmore’s descriptions were quite lovely, and several times I was impressed with her ability to describe sensations.

Overall, a fast read, one to waste away a few hours. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible.

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