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Review of The Crown Tower and The Rose and Thorn by Michael J Sullivan

And thus concludes my reading of Royce and Hadrian’s story. It was a sad day when I finished all these books. I haven’t been able to pick up another one yet. I’ve reread my favorite parts a few times. I’m still thinking about them a lot, which is not helping my own writing. I’m way behind schedule. But it’s not often I get so caught up in a series. Brilliant… simply brilliant.




5 out of 5 Stars

By far my favorite!! Why? Royce and Hadrian were clearly the stars of the book. We spent most of our time with them. The only other POV we got was Gwen, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

There was a nice bit of humor in this book and I absolutely loved the conversations between Royce and Hadrian. This book connected me with Hadrian on a level I didn’t get in Revelations. I really enjoyed his character and reading his internal musings. Adding Royce’s POV later in the book really set a great stage for his internal thoughts. Gwen came alive for me in this book. I liked her in Revelations, but we never got to know her that well. Here, we got to see her courage and fight. It was great.

I will say that there were a tab bit of discrepancies between what we were told in Revelations versus what happened in The Crown Tower. Nothing that would detract from the story in anyway, at least for me.

Overall, brilliant book and I certainly hope there will be more of these that focus on the adventures of Hadrian and Royce.



rose and thorn

5 out of 5 Stars

I liked this book. I will say that it was my least favorite of all of them. I think I went in to it with an expectation that wasn’t met. Not that it was a bad story, it just didn’t center around Royce, Hadrian, and Gwen as much as I had hoped it would. It had a lot of Hilfred in it. So if you’re wondering about him, you’ll love this book. Actually, I was somewhat surprised by his story. Sad.

Anyways, if you read Chronicles before Revelations, you’ll know what’s happening in the first book of Revelations, whereas, if you read it afterwards, Revelations has you guessing a bit. Again, I recommend reading in publication order (Revelations before Chronicles).

I can’t say much else without sounding like a iPod full of the same song on repeat. I love Sullivan’s writing and his characters. I love this series—all the books—and it will be a timeless favorite of mine.

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