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Indie Challenge 7 – Vengeance of Segennya by Tiffany Cherney

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction

Vengeance of Segennya by Tiffany Cherney
2 out of 5 Stars

I really do hate giving low ratings. I am, after all, no expert reviewer nor am I an expert on the art of writing an incredible book (if I were, I’d be famous and living in a different state that can actually grow trees). I can only give my opinion and, hopefully, a sensible reason why I felt the way I did about the book.

First of all, Tiffany Cherney was generous and gave me a free copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

I’ll start with what I did like:

The love story!! Wait…what?!?! Yeah, I typed it correctly and you read it correctly. I was okay with the love story in this book. It did not contain a relationship that resulted in marriage after only a week of knowing each other. The two characters who shared each other’s company had done so for a decent amount of time. It did not feel rushed, faked, or forced. It was actually very natural.

I think Liz is a strong female heroine. I didn’t mind her at all and she kept her kick ass attitude throughout the book, which was wonderful.

What I didn’t like:

For me, personally, I could not understand the actual writing itself. I spent entirely too much time trying to figure out what was being conveyed that I totally lost what enjoyment I might have had for the book. Some sentences were long and convoluted to the point I couldn’t decipher them. If these were sprinkled here and there, I would have been fine, but I was wading through odd wording and typos throughout the book. I think there was a great story in there, I really do. I, however, lack any form of patience (unless it’s with my dogs and cats; they’re just too cute). With that said, another person who is a slower reader and is willing to put in a little effort might be happily rewarded. There are 2 five star ratings for this book, so obviously there were 2 people who did not encounter the same problem I did. However, I recommend reading the prologue and first chapter on Amazon before committing. If you enjoy it, pick it up.

There you have it. My ramblings are finally done.

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