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My First Reading Challenge

So I’ve never participated in a reading challenge. I just read what I want when I want. However, I never knew of all the wonderful book bloggers out there until I wrote my first book. In my exploration of marketing, I’ve discovered wonderful websites that have really opened my eyes. I’m still tentative in my postings since I’m a rather shy person. Huh, an author who is an introvert? Shocking. Of course, that’s my sarcasm making an appearance. I’m a fan of it. We’ve become good ol’ friends. I digress. Back on topic.

Because I’m self-published, I’ve decided to participate in a reading challenge called ‘Indie Fever’. I’m really excited to discover new books and authors. I’ll post my reviews, as well as my progress, on Goodreads, Amazon (except for progress), and my own blog.

Since book 2 is being extremely needy right now, I’m going for amateur (1-24). I feel like an underachiever, but I need to finish book 2 and get it published.

Anyways, I’m excited for this challenge. It should be fun!

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