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My First…

Well, I’m still trying to recover from the Thanksgiving Gorge Fest. I’m just going to say it: too much food for one day. However, turkey is awesome! Now, before I had eaten myself into a coma, I did something I’ve never done before. Deep breath. Here goes. I read a sci-fi book. Gasp! I’m sure there are many questions you have, so let me try to clarify just how significant this moment is in my life.

I’ve never read sic-fi because, honestly, I’m not a techy person and I was always worried I’d feel like a total idiot while reading it, which is not something I ever want to feel. Sure, I like Star Trek as much as the next gal (I actually do like Star Trek, that’s not sarcasm), but watching a moving and having the visibility of what they’re doing is completely different than reading a book and having to come up with the picture in your head. Imagination I have. Just not when it comes to gadgets.

Wow…have I been missing out. Of course, I only have two books to judge it on, but I felt right at home. I’m sure that the fact they were by my favorite fantasy author (as of now, anyways) had everything to do with it. The main character was so engaging that I didn’t notice if there might have been terminology I didn’t get. Never once did I find myself saying: WTF is that?! (BTW, if cussing makes you uncomfortable, feel free to replace the F* word with fudgesicle)

Since I’m a sharing person (except when it comes to my Mom’s oatmeal peanut butter cookies), I’ll let you know what books broke me out of my exclusive fantasy and horror comfort zone. They are by Anthony Ryan, who can do absolutely no wrong, and they are called Slab City Blues. What makes it even better? The first two are free on iTunes right now. There are four in the series so far and I’ve read the first two and have purchased the second two. Why haven’t I devoured the second two? I’m savoring-yes-savoring those fine pieces of work. I don’t want to blow through them and leave myself nothing by Mr. Ryan until July of NEXT YEAR when his second book in the Raven’s Shadow series is released. NEXT YEAR!! Ugh! Sorry, got distracted there. Anyways, if you get a chance, I highly recommend reading Slab City Blues. They are short stories so it takes no time at all, but for that brief hour you’ll be someplace crazy with a character you want to get to know. Hopefully he’ll think you’re cool enough to hang out with.

Well, there are my ramblings for the week. In a few days I’ll have a new review for you all. I’m reading People Like Us by D.Z.C. It’s my first thriller/crime book. It’s my goal, now that I’ve been eased out of fantasy, to start checking out other genres. I’m rather excited.

P.S. If anyone is looking for Mr. Ryan’s website, it is:

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