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About My Reviews


Because I’ve been doing a lot of reviews, I thought it was about time to throw up a disclaimer or two.

First, these reviews are solely based on my personal preference as a reader. They are merely the opinion of one person.

Second, I always try to be honest. If I love a book, I’ll say it. If I didn’t, I’ll explain why.

Thirdly, I’m starting to hate stars. They seem to limit me and not really say what I feel. Furthermore, there are readers and authors who are obsessed by the number and not the meaning. Most think 3 stars is bad when it’s not. So, to make things easier on myself, I’m developing my own rating system of words, which makes sense because that’s how readers, you know, read. Here it is:

I’M OBSESSED = this means it’s in my favorites of all time, it blew me away, I’ll read it over and over and cherish it forever. I will rave about it to everyone who will listen. I will never stop talking about it, and I will recommend it to everyone. *Not many books will get this rating

I LOVED IT = this means that I will be buying the sequel and relatively soon, I was absorbed in the story, and I’d recommend this to all my friends and family. Also, any book that has a fascinating character can work its way into this rating, regardless of abundant negatives, and depending on just how involved I am with the character and the writing.

I LIKED IT = this means that I’ll buy the sequel at some point, it was an enjoyable experience, I was absorbed in the story most of the time, and I’d recommend this to friends and family I think would enjoy it.

I’M INDIFFERENT = this means there was good and bad, it elicited little to no emotions from me, I might buy the sequel one day, my mind drifted a few times, I might’ve skimmed a few areas, some of it might have been outside my personal taste, but it had redeeming qualities. *This is where the majority will fall.

NOT FOR ME = could be for several reasons which would all be outlined in my review, but more often than not, every single thing about it fell outside what I enjoy in a story. I will also only post these reviews at the behest of authors. If I don’t finish a book, I don’t write a review simply because it could have turned around mid way and would’ve changed my mind. So I’d be surprised if you ever saw a review on my website with this rating.

Could these be broken down into 1,2,3,4, and 5? Yeah, but not with the same meaning as most websites. For me, I try to take something away from everything I read, and while a story might not have tons of stuff that kept me captivated, it’s still a book, and I like books. Amazon and Goodreads don’t use the same rating scale. Some sites don’t even tell you what the star means. I’d say, for me, my starting point would be defined as a two star on most websites, meaning that my “I’M INDIFFERENT” would actually be three stars. I have too many levels of reading enjoyment to fit them into the star ratings.

For authors looking for reviews, feel free to send me a request. I do post reviews on my website, Goodreads, and Amazon, at the very least (my website feeds to Twitter and Facebook). Generally, I will also post to Pinterest, Yahoo Fantasy Group, Tumblr, and Booklikes. If you want to ask me to review your book, please send me a note using the Contact Me page. If I think I might enjoy your story, I’ll buy it myself and post a review. However, before you submit, I highly recommend you read a few of my reviews. I’m a picky reader, so if your story does not cater to my taste, I’m not going to love it, and I probably won’t really like it either. A couple things to keep in mind about me:
– I’m a character driven reader
– I like a character who has to overcome something tragic
– I like banter between the characters, even those that hate each other
– I like a sense of camaraderie between at least two characters
– I love magic and mages
– I love books involving animals
– I love gore
– I love dark fantasy as well as high
– It’s damn hard to offend me
– 99% of the time, I hate love triangles and will bypass the book
– 99% of the time, I do not enjoy young adult novels and will bypass the book

If you think you can nail these, send me a link to where you’d like me to purchase your book. I won’t read everything submitted, but I’ll pick up anything that strikes my interest.

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